Tailored services, from a source You can trust.

Simply put, sourcing is the process of Procurement. We work in close collaboration with our clients to ensure that we source the materials and products specific to their needs while helping provide their customers the best quality, value and availability. 

Tailored Source has a strong network of factories and manufacturers that have produced consumer electronics, textiles, aluminum profiles, automotive parts, etc. for companies such as Home Depot, Pep Boys, Walmart, Smart Mirro and more.

Through the years, Tailored Source and its affiliates has developed strategic relationships in the commercial and retail markets. These relationships, built on confidence and trust, allow us to help our customers enter into new market categories, segments and areas.



Founder & Managing Member

Our founder, Erick Guerra, is a well-respected entrepreneur/investor with multiple companies and successful ventures under his control and management. In addition to his own personal success, Mr. Guerra is frequently sought after for his business development strategy and expertise on large scale ventures and high value transactions. His commitment to integrity, loyalty and his clients resonate throughout all of his ventures and serve as the back bone for Tailored Source’s continued success.

Cost savings

Our global network of factories, suppliers and procurement specialists are ready to assist you in obtaining what you need at a competitive price.


Trust is earned when actions meet words and we believe our word is our bond. You can rest assured that your business remains “your business”.

Quality Standards

We ensure our factories and suppliers maintain the quality standards and certifications necessary for our clients and their customers. 

Proven Experience

We are proud of our success and the many happy clients we have created along the way. Our team of dedicated professionals are ready to provide you with the same level of commitment.

We work quickly and efficiently!

We understand that business is always in motion and that we must be efficient to maximize profitability and client satisfaction. Our global network and experienced team are ready to provide you with exceptional service and time saving solutions.


We move at the speed of you and your business. Contact us today to see how Tailored Source can help make your next project a successful one.

We value our clients and their specific needs with a commitment to the following: